About the Liane Edwards Band:

Compared to other country rock artists in Europe, Liane Edwards is like a shot of whiskey in a world of sweet tea.  Unlike the bands that sing songs about the South but yet have never seen a Carolina sunset, she is the real thing. But she has been doing her (own) thing for nearly 20 years, and doing it well.

 Liane Edwards was born in North Carolina.  Raised in  a family of musicians, her first stage performances were in Southern Baptist churches at the age of 7.  She arrived in France in the 90’s and found the best French musicians to accompany her on her personal crazy train.

Together, they have been touring  for nearly 20 years, and have given well over 2000 stage shows throughout France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Scotland, Lithuania and the USA. Singer/songwriters, their song list will keep feet tapping. What is the reason for their success?  They have put a good dose of rock into their country, a surprising cocktail that chips away at preconceived ideas about what country music really is.  This chick is dynamite!!

The new album, Raisin’ Dust is just another example of the band’s energy and excellent songwriting. Their signature sound, and the raw emotion has pushed her once again into the discovery of limits and of self.


Recording History

Raisin’ Dust  2017 12 original tracks
High Heels and Shotgus 2012 – 12 original tracks
Caught Red Handed – album live 2008 11 original track + 1 cover
Branded – 2004 12 original tracks
Inside the Machine – 2001 7 originals/5 covers
Life Size 1998
Ghostrider 1996 – 9 originals P
Participated in Country Christmas, 2009 with the song “Santa’s Run”


Liane was voted 2017 Songwriter of the Year

in the French Country Highway Awards.

She was also nominated for 2017 Female Singer of the


What the press US has to say about the band:

Raisin’ Dust is veteran singer/songwriter Liane Edwards’ seventh album and she still sings and plays with the inspiration of someone just starting off on their careers.  The dozen songs on this latest release, however, offer strong evidence of the progress she’s made since first emerging two decades ago. This seasoned road performer cuts spectacularly live vocals on recordings and has a sure instinct for knowing what exactly will get over with listeners. She has a sizable fanbase, but Raisin’ Dust clearly shows she’s still hungry for converts and there’s little doubt she will win over many new fans based on the quality of this release. All the elements are here and the production gives her a dramatic platform to get these songs over. She takes full advantage of the opportunity.
Lydia Hillenburg, Vents Magazine

Liane Edwards is, above all, the name, the voice and the song writing of a energetic stage artist that comes to us all the way from North Carolina.  Her band counts as one of the leading headliner acts in France and Belgium, very appreciated in the country rock world. Her newest album is a diamond, but not in the rough!  Although you may feel the urge to get up and dance, I urge you to sit down and appreciate the maestro at work!
Acoustic Guitar Magazine

What the French press has to say about the band:

If you really want to know what “living the music” means, come admire the performance of Liane Edwards on stage.  With her guitar, the microphone or the washboard, Liane jumps, Liane sings, Liane moves, et Liane incites the audience to join her….a real live wire!  She has more energy than she needs:  no possiblity of a breather between songs either!  This North Carolinian, now living in France, enthralled the audience.

The style of the Liane Edwards Band, contrary to others, is not limited  to country fans.  Their music is varied and for all ages, while remaining  of high quality.  Her outstanding voice, their dynamic stage show, and Liane’s natural chewing gum accent makes Liane and her band the hottest thing on the country music scene in France.
Grégory Lanevere, La Nouvelle République des Pyrénées

Flowing over with energy, Liane Edwards had the audience on its feet, dancing with the crowd, jumping on the tables, navigating between classics and originals without missing a beat.     Contre temps d’Auvergne 

It’s like an electrical storm hitting the stage with Liane Edwards and her musicians.  Miss 200 000 volts gets on stage with one thing in mind;  that the audience at her feet have a great time, almost as much as herself!
Country Gift #21


They have shared the stage with:

Albert Lee , Charlie McCoy,  Michael Jones, Zucchero,  Screamin’ Jay Hawkins,

Rick Trevino, Bijou SVP, Sarah Jory, Heather Myles, Janet Martin, Michelle Malone, Soldat Louis, Patrick Verbeke, Jett Williams, etc


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