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Liane Edwards Band

What the press has to say about the new album:

"It’s this variety that makes Raisin’ Dust one of 2017’s most formidable releases in the country genre." Scott Wigley -GASHOUSE RADIO

"This seasoned road performer cuts spectacularly live vocals on recordings and has a sure instinct for knowing what exactly will get over with listeners." Lydia Hillenburg - VENTS MAGAZINE

"Liane Edwards has hit another home run with Raisin’ Dust and conclusively proves she’s far from being mired in creative dead ends." Dale Butcher- BAND BLURB

"It’s a powerful album from beginning to end and there isn’t a single discernible lull in its running order. It’s a great success that amply illustrates how far away Liane Edwards is from the finishing end. " David Shouse -INDIE MUSIC REVIEW

"Much like the other songs on Raisin’ Dust, “Rainy Day” rings out with unquestionable sincerity and fantastic potential for radio play and compelling live performance." Jason Hillenburg-SKOPE MAG

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